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How To Purchase:

To purchase this product please contact the office through the deatils below;

Please put in the Subject "Shim Purchase".

An invoice will then be sent and the product will be sent out once payment has cleared. 



This set of shims is comprised of;

10x 1mm Shims

1x 0.5mm Shim

1x Tapered Guage

1x 15cm Ruler


All of the above products are made from Stainless Steel to provide durability.


These products will be provided on an "O" ring to keep them secure. 



For general cleaning of these products, use a microfibre cloth with warm water and a touch of dish soap. 

If you do clean with abrasive products this has the potential of removing the measurements making it unclear to read. 


Please be aware:

The tip of the Tapered Guage is quite sharp so handle with responsibity and care. 



Shim Set

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